We offer three types of safaris.

Our most popular safari is our 8 day Big Five Safari, then we offer it's 6 day camp version and the luxurious 10 day Big Five Ride & Dine Safari.

Our exclusive Horse Safaris cater to one small group of seven experienced riders. Groups of eight can be catered for by special arrangement only.

WAL_Ride and Dine Safari-32

The Big Five Safari

8 day, 7 night safari
Stay in three different camps

WAL_Ride and Dine Safari-4

The Big Five Camp Safari

6 day, 5 night safari
Stay mainly at Wait A Little main camp

WAL_Ride and Dine Safari-5

Big Five Ride & Dine Safari

10 day, 9 night safari
Stay at three luxurious camps

Here's a taste of how a safari can look.

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