Wait A Little has a string of approximately 30 horses.

Our safari horses are super brave and comfortable to ride and consist of Shire crosses, Friesian crosses, Warmbloods, Thoroughbreds and Boerperd crosses, ranging from 15h-17h.

New ones come every year and sadly old ones sometimes have to leave. We try and retire our old horses when we feel they have done enough and it’s time for them to lead an easier life. We either send them to our local riding school or to friends, where they can still enjoy their twilight years with less work, but lot’s of attention.

The young horses we usually buy at the age of 3, preferably already backed. It takes usually around 2 years before we are happy for them to be enjoyed by guests. Their training involves not only getting them used to animals, but also schooling on the flat and over jumps, which builds up their fitness, improves their natural balance, making them a pleasure to ride on safari.



Take a look at our great horses, all of them named after beer!  Each with their individual personality, they are the heart of Wait A Little.

AlfaWAL Horses

Born 2009 · Mare · Friesian cross · 16.2hh

Nickname: Alfa princess. Colour: Bay
Alfa is our only mare but she doesn’t act like a mare at all.
She is a complete sofa to ride and a real beauty. Alfa behaves like a gelding, we think she doesn't know she is a mare.

BudWAL Horses

Born 2009 · Gelding · Friesian cross · 16.1hh

Nickname: Bud. Colour: Bright Bay
Bud has been Philip's lead horse for many years but now he is also being ridden by guests. Jo, our camp manager, has got a soft spot for him. *** Bud, Bodd, Bit and Bert are all related!! ***

BitburgerWAL Horses

Born 2010 · Gelding · Boerperd x Friesian · 15.2hh

Nickname: Bit  Colour: Bay.
Bit has one of the greatest walks, a huge stride that makes you feel like sitting on a rocking chair! We use him mainly for a backup horse. *** Bit, Bodd, Bud and Bert are all related!! ***

HardyWAL Horses

Born 2011 · Gelding · Shire cross · 15.2hh

Nickname: Hardy. Colour: Bright Bay.
Hardy was one of the easiest horses to back and he is beautiful in the school. He is an uncomplicated horse for every rider and stunning on safari.

RavenWAL Horses

Born 2012 · Gelding · Friesian cross · 15.1hh

Nickname: Raven. Colour: Black.
When Raven canters - he floats! He is jet black, stunning to look at, and is a great safari horse for the more experienced rider. He and Miguel are great buddies.

MacLayWAL Horses

Born 2011 · Gelding · Shire cross · 15.2hh

Nickname: Maclay. Colour: Dark Bay.
Maclay is the safari horse that every operation would want to have. He has just got everything going for him, brave, comfortable, and forward-going. He and Waggle regularly jump the fences.

MiguelWAL Horses

Born 2009 · Gelding · Quarter Horse Cross · 15hh

Nickname: Miguel. Colour: Buckskin.
Miguel is homebred and was one of the nicest foals ever. Being a quarter horse cross, he is very agile and quick on his feet. He is rather independent and shows it by pulling faces at other horses. He and Raven are great buddies!

Pauwel-1WAL Horses

Born 2012 · Gelding · Boerperd · 15hh

Nickname: Samurai. Colour: Bay.
Samurai came with our former guide Ray. Having been a problem horse, Ray did a great job by rehabilitating him and turning him into a great safari horse. He is beautiful to school in the area and is everyone's favourite.

Waggle 2WAL Horses

Born 2004 · Gelding · Warmblood x Boerperd · 16.1hh

Nickname: Waggle. Colour: Dark Bay.
Waggle is also homebred and his father is Fargo. He is very cheeky and can dominate the other horses, but at the same time, is an amazing ride. He is a complete Houdini and jumps out of the paddock with Maclay most days!

CastelloWAL Horses

Born 2006 · Gelding · Warmblood · 17.1hh

Nickname: Spaghetti Monster. Colour: Black.
Gerti wanted to buy Castello as a dressage horse but sadly he didn't have a good vetting, so he was given to us. Gerti schooled him for two years in dressage as he has got great paces and then passed him on as a safari horse.

IceWAL Horses

Born 2006 · Gelding · Boerperd cross · 15.2hh

Nickname: Ice. Colour: Grey.
This stunning horse can turn his hoof to anything - safari, dressage, jumping! He's been our partner for many years and we owe him immensely. Ice can be quite grumpy to other horses and with his wonky ear he seems to be always indicating left!

Coopers 2WAL Horses

Born 2012 · Gelding · Friesian cross · 15.3hh

Nickname:  Coopy-Doops. Colour: Dark Bay.
Coopers came to us when he was two years old. He was quite a tricky one to break in, very full of himself. Thanks to one of our brave volunteers we were able to turn him around and now he is the favourite of everyone who rides him.

BertWAL Horses

Born 2010 · Gelding · Friesian cross · 15.2hh

Nickname: Bertie-Bert  Colour: Black.
Bert is very laid-back, steady and reliable, if you would go to war he would be the one to take. He is our favourite back - up horse and very well behaved in all sightings.
*** Bert, Bodd, Bit and Bud are all related!! ***

Challenger 3WAL Horses

Born 2014 · Gelding · Thoroughbred · 16.2hh

Nickname: Challenger  Colour: Bay.
Challenger came to us as a three year old off the track. As thoroughbreds struggle with our hard going he was x-rayed from head to toe. It took him some time to mature, but now he is an exciting ride for the more experienced rider.

FargoWAL Horses

Born 2001 · Gelding · Boerperd cross · 15.3hh

Nickname: Fargo. Colour: Bay.
Fargo is a miracle of a horse. With a stiff fetlock joint we never thought he would last. But for many years he was our most steady weight bearing trail horse that every trail business would love. Now that he is older he enjoys short afternoon rides. He is also Waggles' dad.

ZambeziWAL Horses

Born 2009 · Gelding · Percheron cross · 16.2hh

Nickname: The Beez. Colour: Dark Bay.
Zambezi is our strongest horse. Coming off the mountains he is incredibly light on his hooves, sure footed and forward going. He would be the one to clone. As the most dominant horse in the herd he is interestingly not the bravest.

NuggetWAL Horses

Born 2009 · Gelding · Warmblood cross · 15hh

Nickname: Nugget. Colour: Bay.
Definitely, the most comfortable horse we have. Sadly he isn't only small, he also rides small, so he can only be ridden by very petite people. Everyone that rides him is over the moon and can't stop raving about him.

Artboard 1 copy 20WAL Horses

Born 2012 · Gelding · Shire cross · 15.2hh

Nickname: Gorgeous George. Colour: Dark Bay
In all honesty we never had a horse more stupid and more difficult to train. It took us literally 2 years of work to be able to put guests on him. But we always saw his potential as he has good paces, a great ability to collect and a cheeky sense of humour. Luckily the hard work paid off.

SpitfireWAL Horses

Born 2012 · Gelding · Saddlebreed cross · 15.1hh

Nickname: Spitty. Colour: Bay.
Spitfire is a real bush pony having lived wild in the African veld, which makes him very independent and bossy. He is a super sporty, quick on his feet and real fun to ride.

VeltinsWAL Horses

Born 2010 · Gelding · Shire cross · 16.2hh

Nickname: Veltins. Colour: Bay.
Not having the best confirmation it's hard to find a saddle that fits, which presents a great challenge. Apart from this Veltins, being a big horse, is a great ride and a real crowed - pleaser.

FirestoneWAL Horses

Born 2012 · Gelding · Percheron x Paint · 15.2hh

Nickname: Firestone. Colour: Skewbald.
Firestone is the most uncomplicated and patient horse. Because of this he mainly gets trained by the volunteers in the arena and they all love him. He is our first skewbald, we would have more if they all were like Firestone!

Sam 2WAL Horses

Born 2005 · Gelding · Selle Français · 16hh

Nickname: Sam. Colour: Bay.
Philip calls him the Dalai Lama of all horses, nothing phases him. He is one of the best lead horses we have ever had and has taught Rusty, Ray and Jo the tricks of the trade.

BoddWAL Horses

Born 2009 · Gelding · Friesian cross · 16hh

Nickname: Bodd. Colour: Bright bay.
For many many years, Bodd was Philip's main lead horse. Naturally strong and brave, it was like he was built for the job. We all can't rave enough about this horse. Every now and then guests get the pleasure of riding him. He now is becoming a favourite for Jo.
*** Bodd, Bud, Bit and Bert are all related!! ***

Doombar 3WAL Horses

Born 2011 · Gelding · Shire · 16.3hh

Nickname: Doom. Colour: Dark Bay.
Being a pure Shire, Gerti couldn't believe he was Philip's choice as a lead horse. Luckily he didn't grow that tall.  However, it still sounds like a stampede of buffalo when he canters in the arena - due to his feet being the size of dinner plates! Turns out Philip made the right choice.

PeroniWAL Horses

Born 2011 · Gelding · Friesian cross · 15.2hh

Nickname: Peroni Pony. Colour: Bay.
Peroni arrived at Wait A Little as a surprise, so much so, we didn't have a stable for him. Our trusted contact told us he would be the ultimate trail horse, and he was correct. What a great surprise he turned out to be!

PauwelWAL Horses

Born 2015 · Gelding · Shire cross · 15.3hh

Nickname: Pauwel. Colour: Dark Bay.
The latest addition to the herd, he didn't arrive in the best condition but you could see the potential was there.  He very quickly proved his great talent in the arena and his attitude on trail.  He now has become Philip's new lead horse.

NeroWAL Horses

Born 2012 · Gelding · Warmblood· 16.2hh

Nickname: Nero/Noisy Nero. Colour: Liver Chestnut.
Nero has made the executive decision to swap dressage for safari’s! He is probably one of the best-schooled safari horses you could wish to ride and loves even a minute in the bush!

CabiWAL Horses

Born 2005 · Gelding · Hanoverian · 16.1hh

Nickname: Cabbi. Colour: Bright Bay.
Cabbi is Gerti’s top dressage horse, they compete at Grand Prix Level. He is sharp to ride in the arena but is surprisingly brave on outrides, even in front of Rhino.

MaverickWAL Horses

Born 2014 · Gelding · Warmblood · 16hh

Nickname: Mav The Man. Colour: Black.
Maverick is simply stunning! He is Gerti’s number two dressage horse and has jaw-dropping movement. He is the master of mood swings - the moment there is food involved, he doesn't like to be touched. Otherwise, he is cuddly and bombproof. 

ObiWAL Horses

Born 2009 · Gelding · Boerperd/warmblood cross · 15.1hh

Nickname:Obi / Obi-Wan-Kenobi. Colour: Chestnut.
Obi belongs to Clare, they are a match made in heaven! He is the perfect horse - everyone should have one! He ticks all the boxes - jumping, dressage, cross country, and is very brave on safari - he is the ultimate all-rounder.

Wait A Little horse safaris are highly personalised and specialised riding safaris for experienced riders, run by Gerti and Philip Kusseler in the Karongwe Private Game Reserve close to the famous Kruger National Park in South Africa. There are three types of safaris that take you over an area of 30.000ha of African wilderness, between 6 and 10 days long.

Years of experience and training enable the horses to be calm merely meters away from big game. A high standard of riding within the group ensures exciting up-close game sightings and sporty riding on wonderful horses. Because of Gerti’s level of schooling and training, the horses are fun to ride and together with Philip’s guiding experience over the past 20 years is a safari with “Wait A little” the perfect thrill for the experienced rider.

Small groups of only seven riding guests and the permanent personal attention of Gerti & Philip and their staff ensures you an unforgettable week. Their passion for nature, conservation, the environment and their involvement in the game reserve management gives a lot of material for exciting stories and will give you a wealth of information about the hard work required to protect the last remaining wildlife areas.