Before you start your journey to Wait A Little South Africa...

There are a couple of things that are quite important before you start packing your bags.

Here is a list to help you:

1. Bring the riding gear you are the most comfortable in as you will be spending many hours in the saddle, probably more than you are used to. New riding gear needs to be worn in, so rather not bring this on an 8 day horse safari. You could be spending up to 7 hours in the saddle in a warm climate!

2. Pack some jods and riding boots in your hand-luggage, a change of underwear and a toothbrush and whatever else you think is absolutely necessary. If your bag gets lost during your travels it is of great advantage to have your well fitting riding gear in hand. We can help you out with leisure clothes, chaps, and helmets, but it is good to have some comfortable riding gear (in particular your boots)!

3. We do highly recommend wearing helmets. A good ventilated helmet is of advantage. We do have a great collection of helmets, but  your own fits better and will be safer!

4. You have to have medical/travel insurance. Most insurance companies won’t insure you unless you wear a helmet, so be aware of that. Have your travel documents, passports, money and your travel/medical insurance details always close to you! Do not put these items in your luggage or any luggage that might be out of your sight!

5. Cameras: We do have saddle bags that fit a small to medium sized camera. Big cameras are not advisable as difficult to handle. We don't want people wearing any cameras or bum bags that contain hard items on their backs.

6. Smart Phones: Smart Phones take great pictures, but are not so easy to handle from horseback. We do ask you to keep the phone on silent and in flight mode on safari.

7. GoPros: GoPros have become very popular and are a great device for outdoor sports. However they can be very disappointing on a horse safari as the videos mainly consist of people from behind and due to the wide angle lens it’s also difficult to make out the animals. It also distracts from the animal sightings. If you really have to bring a GoPro please be advised that you will have to have permission from all other guests and guides that they are willing to be filmed.

8. Always collect your luggage on arrival at Johannesburg Airport and take it through customs. Most of the South African smaller Airports don’t have customs clearance! Even if the airline tells you that your luggage can be checked through to Hoedspruit or Phalaborwa, it is not true!!!

9. At Johannesburg Airport there are a lot of porters who can be of great help if you are in a hurry to find your check in counter or your gate. However they are sometimes a bit cheeky asking a lot of money. R50 is more than enough to give them when they have been of great help, if they have only pushed the trolley, R20 should be enough.

10. If you travel by car and police stops you for speeding or something else, don’t give them any cash money, always ask for a ticket. If they persist, ask to speak to their supervisor. The toll gates don’t take Credit Cards.