To be able to join us on one of our safaris you would have to be an experienced rider. Experienced means that you have to be able to control a horse, are comfortable in all three paces walk, trot, and canter and you are able to rise to the trot and get out of the saddle in canter. Your seat should be independent of your hands. A comfortable English seat is required to enjoy a safari on our horses. We regret we don’t cater to beginners or novice riders. If booking as a whole group (up to 8 people) we can cater for non-riders if there is more than one in the group. Our weight limit is 95kg.

Please see our booking form for further requirements.

These requirements are for your own benefit and safety and assure that the level of riding is equal throughout the group. Please download our fact sheet for more detailed information.

On the fact sheet, you will also find a lot of other important information e.g. what is the best time of the year, what to bring and leave behind, and if it is important to take Malaria precautions. Please feel free to email us if you need any more information on

If you would like to book through an agent, who can also assist you with flights and insurance issues, please find a list below.

We request a booking form (which is online on this website) from each rider which helps us to match you to the right horse.

It would be great to welcome you on one of our horse safaris here at Wait A Little.